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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you use a reference photo?

I typically do not use reference photos for my art because I find that paintings have components to them that tend to be a bit more relatable and interesting when they are painted from the mind. However, I do use images online with the intention of ensuring initial accuracy of the subject before I apply paint to the canvas.

What is your favorite animal to paint?

My favorite species to paint is Wild Cats. Wild Cats spark my interest for numerous reasons. They have interesting personalities, very physically adept, incredibly intelligent, and they are overall masters at survival.

At what age did you start drawing? What about painting?

I have been drawing since I was about 4. I started painting in watercolor when I was 7, but in acrylics, since I was 12.

What made you interested in art?

I've always enjoyed the concept of applying my mind to paper and the freedom of creating something new. I initially became interested when the images of books sparked my curiosity about how they were applied. I strived to be able to create pictures that were just as good as the ones printed in books. I lived a few years without the knowledge of how they were created, which lead to my interest in art.

What medium do you use?

The first painting I painted, I used watercolor paint. That was because that was the available medium at that time. Now I use acrylic medium. Acrylic paint is now the easiest medium for me to use. I have done oil paintings but those paintings smear to much before they even have a chance to dry.

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