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Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari was an amazing experience. I have seen many animals I considered painting. I also saw animals that I never saw before. The giraffes were amazing animals to see in person. There were many giraffes to view and all were amazingly tall. They all had distinct markings and were sometimes difficult to identify but they were a wonderful view. I saw that some were eating leaves from trees, but some were getting curious and walked up to peoples cars.

I say it is more important to see animals personally rather than photos off the internet. It helps you view the animals from a variaty of perspectives.

I saw many animals from tall giraffes to long snakes. They were all amazing animals to encounter. I suggest that you should go to a zoo or a place where there is many animals to see if you are a wildlife painter. It helps with getting the overall proportion and shape.

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I also saw many birds. One of them was a crowned crane. I also saw goslings, and ducklings. The crowned crane walked up close to the car and was a beautiful animal. I would suggest to go to an animal habitat and take as many good photos as posible. It more than likely will give you inspiration for art.

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